Adobe Lightroom MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Adobe Lightroom is an extremely powerful application that helps you edit photos colors, add preset filters, and more.
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Adobe Lightroom MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK

What Is Adobe Lightroom?

For quite some time, photographers only had a handful of options when it came to photo editing.

For years, Photoshop was the dominant editing software on the market. But having so many features had its disadvantages. It was challenging to learn because it had options that most photographers don’t use.

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Not all photographers need to edit their pictures extensively. Most of them just need simple exposure adjustments and colour management. That’s where Lightroom comes in. It streamlines the editing process and has a user-friendly interface.

How does it work?

Lightroom is a RAW converter. When you add images, it manages the file type in the background. When you use other software, you might have to use another program to edit and convert. Lightroom supports images in all kinds of formats. Some of them include TIFF, DNG, and JPEG. But it’s also compatible with CR2 and NEF, which are RAW file types of Canon and Nikon. If you would like more information about RAW and JPEG file types, see this article.

Those who would gain the most are photographers who capture and process a lot of RAW or JPEG images quickly. Here is an excellent article on how to use Adobe Lightroom’s Develop Module.

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK Features

Cloud syncing across devices:

One of the best options Adobe Lightroom MOD gives is sync between devices. Because files and other edits are stored in the cloud you can have easy access through pc or tablet without even installing this app, and then pick up the file where you left off using your smartphone or any other device. Here,you no need to worry about losing your edited pictures since the cloud has stored in every device you left you can have easy access to reach out the picture.

Raw support:

A RAW image is an uncompressed, unedited image file. It keeps all data captured by the sensor, making it a much larger file, but with no quality loss and more editing power. These allow you to tweak the full exposure and color settings of your pictures, bypassing the camera’s default image processing

Some of us like the freedom RAW images offer, and very few mobile photo editors support these larger, more complex files. Adobe Lightroom MOD APK  is one of the few that do, and it does so marvelously. Not only can you use your phone’s RAW images (given that your device supports it), but you can also use shots taken with any other camera, including pro-grade DSLRs.

Free editing app world:

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK for mobile doesn’t skimp out when it comes to editing capabilities, and this mobile app competes against full desktop software. You can control exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, colors, tint, color temperature, saturation, vibrance, sharpening, noise reduction, cropping, geometry, grain, and much more. Of course, there is also an auto edit button and cool profiles for easy automated editing.

Performance is amazing!

Running Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or any photo editor worth its salt requires plenty of processing power. Adobe Lightroom MOD APK seems to be different, as it runs so much smoother across the board. Adobe Lightroom MOD APK runs faster than Lightroom Classic on my computer, which goes to show the software itself is superior. It could be that the cloud is offloading much of the work, or maybe Lightroom is simply better optimized.

Capture amazing pictures with professional cameras:

Most people tend to ignore it, and I will agree that it is not the best camera app out there, but many of you will love it for one main reason. The app happens to come with a manual mode, something some phone’s don’t support. Popular devices without manual camera mode include iPhones and the Google Pixel 3.

No ads

All of us are probably dealing with this ads problem in almost every app. Ads are intensely annoying thing. When we are in the urge to use an app,ads will pop up and you will be highly irritated but forget it Picsart MOD APK will allow you to have ads free feature so that you can do your thing without uninterrupting.

Upgrade the power with Gold Unlocked version: 

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK  is an upgraded version of this photo editing application. By paying for activation, you get access to Premium features, experience the app without ads and some other benefits.

Photos can be taken backup always:

Because the cloud is Lightroom’s backbone, you need not worry about hard drives failing, memory cards getting lost, your phone being formatted, or any other downsides that come with using only local storage. Your photos will be safely stored in Adobe’s servers. Of course, this also comes with some downsides, which we will cover in the next section.

How to install Adobe Lightroom MOD APK?

Step 1: In this article swipe down, there you can see the download option and click it.

Step 2: After downloading, go to the settings and allow unknown resources. Since Adobe Lightroom MOD APK is not an official app you need to do that for installing.

Step 3 : Move to the folder where the downloaded file saved and Click on the APK file

Step 4: Click on install, now you can have the access for this app on your phone.

What's new

- Edit Bar Indicator Update: New dot indicator is shown below the respective section of the toolbar (i.e. Light, Color, etc.) when an edit is made through that panel
- [Premium] Support for the latest cameras and lenses -
- Other bug fixes and stability improvements

MOD Info?

  • Image import problems have been corrected
  • You do not need to login to use, please press “X” in the upper left corner of the screen
  • To know your device uses ARM or X86 CPU, please check with CPU-Z. Usually, the mobile CPU is ARM, some Intel CPUs will have X86
  • The Adobe ID function works well on version 5.1

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