Audiomack could be a FREE streaming platform & app designed to assist you discover the most popular new Hip-Hop, Electronic, and popular music genre music initial.“Trending” music on alternative apps is usually months recent.Audiomack shows you the most popular, most abuzz releases and artists of these days before anyone else.Audiomack is totally free, with no premium subscription needed to concentrate, save favorites, or produce playlists.


  • Be the primary of your friends to be informed what’s next.
  • Unlimited listening & streaming – play the maximum amount Hip-Hop, Electronic & popular music genre as you wish.
  • Favorite any track, album, or play list and simply search, browse, and shuffle your favorites assortment.
  • Easily kind each Trending & Charts sections by genre and/or date vary for easy music discovery.
  • Download any download-enabled song or album for offline, data-free listening.
  • Browse with expertise curated playlists by mood, genre, and far additional.
  • Shuffle any play list or album to stay things contemporary.Follow your favorite artists, producers, and tastemakers to create up your feed.
  • whenever you open the app, any new releases from accounts you’ve followed are awaiting you in your feed tab!Audiosnap: produce a custom 15-second video or image synced to any song on Audiomack and export it to share on social media or together with your friends.
  • Play, pause, and skip tracks right from your iPhone lock screen.
  • Go ad-free for simply ninety nine cents per month.


•When the app initial launches, choose affirmative to alter push permissions.this permits United States of America to give notice you of major releases relevant to you supported your music preferences.

•Browse the Trending & Charts sections – the primary screen you’ll see once the app launches – to seek out today’s hottest releases.Swipe left and right here to maneuver from Trending to Charts.this permits you to simply play and search your favorites assortment in a while.

•Jump over to the left-most tab within the bottom navigation (My Feed).If you’re not following anyone nonetheless, we’ll show you a number of our premier accounts that you just ought to follow!

•Click the Playlists tab within the bottom navigation (second to left) to browse our with expertise curated and perpetually updated playlists.We’ve got alternatives supported mood, expressive style, and far more!

•Found a song you wish to share with friends?Click the cut button on any song to form a Audiosnap – a custom fifteen second video sync’ed to your new favorite song.begin and stop, flip the camera – you’re the director!

Use of the Audiomack app is subject to your agreement with our Privacy Policy/TOS.Portions of the Audiomack app utilize the SoundCloud® API.


Artists: Let’s celebrate your wins! We will be the first to tell you when fans are listening, engaging, and playlisting your music.

We are very proud to introduce Trophies!

Go to the share menu of any song, album, or playlist, and tap “Trophies” to see all of its achievements. Screenshot the beautiful share image to the world.

Plus: Share to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, many new language localizations, and more.

For feedback, please contact us on Twitter at @audiomack.