Good news for people who use Instagram! You know what

Friday, 19 March 2021 (4 weeks ago) 108 views

Instagram New Update

Following in the footsteps of new features on the Instagram site owned by Facebook. It can be said that the new facilities brought by the company in particular are very useful to the people.


As well as many features such as videos, photos on this Instagram site is used by many celebrities. In short, even celebrities who do not use Facebook have an account on Instagram.

Good news for people who use Instagram! You know what

Live Room Option

The Live Room option has been introduced on Instagram. That means so far only two people can be live together at a time. But now it has an update that allows up to 4 people to join live.

Instagram is up to four people live, and it’s great that up to four people can be connected live at the same time. It can then be used to answer questions, chat with friends, and perform on music, according to the company

Earlier, Instagram had said that it would be introducing the Live Rooms feature in India, but now the update has come into effect.


Instagram is constantly implementing various initiatives, especially to say that the new update that the company is bringing is useful for everyone. And people are starting to use the Instagram Reels feature more and more because there is no TicTac processor.

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